Freddy Martin & The Rockabillers. Rock'n Roll Coverband located in Tenerife. Live Shows Worldwide. Formation: Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano: Founded in 2019 by Frontman and Bandleader Freddy Martin and Mr. Bassman Gilberto Martin. Band members: Matos (Guitar) Canary Island. Gilbo (Bass) alias "The Last Guanche" Canary Island. Ivan (Drums) alias "The Black Power" from the Caribbean who is still kicking ass at the age of 70. Big Freddy (Voice) alias "The Boss" from Germany.


BA-BA-BA, BABY is the title of THE ROCKABILLERS first album, a tribute to the classic «bababababies» so often heard in the songs of the 50’s and 60’s of the last century and also to the word «baby» used many times in the entire album. It contains 14 tracks with a very personal style that distills the essence of the music of those golden years of rock and roll combined with a current, powerful and elegant sound, 10 tracks are very particular covers of world hits: «Shape of You», «Havana», «The Power», «Every Breath You Take», «Gypsy Woman», «All That She Wants», «You Belong To Me», «Perfect» and 4 Tracks are originals, 3 unreleased until now: “Baby I Love You, Yes I Do”, “My Baby Just Dance” and “When You Walked Away (It’s Christmas Time)” and a remastering of the first single released in 2019 “Zombiewalk”


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Freddy Martin & Rock'n Roll Coverband for Parties, Festivals, Concerts, Events, Shows. 50s and 60s Rock'n Roll, Rockabilly, Country, Swing Performance.


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